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May 9, 2009

Would I ever want to go back to high school?

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I had some time on my hands this afternoon, so I went to see the movie 17 Again starring Zac Efron, Leslie Mann, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Matthew Perry.  I was fairly pleasantly surprised by this movie!  The premise is fairly ridiculous, sure, but the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it’s okay. 

For the most part, I found the actors were well-chosen for their roles.  Matthew Perry hit just the right note as the adult Mike O’Donnell.  He had an air of patheticism, but wasn’t so pathetic that you couldn’t believe that he was once a high school basketball star.  Zac Efron was actually really good in this movie!  He was the perfect young Mike – cute, confident and likeable.  Thomas Lennon was perfect as the adult Ned Gold!  He had just the right amount of sleaze, geekiness, and big-heartedness. 

I wasn’t so fond of Leslie Mann in the role of Scarlett O’Donnell.  For me she didn’t quite match up with her teenage half – her features are too sharp and I just didn’t believe she was emotionally conflicted.  I also thought that Melora Hardin was miscast as the high school principal.  As the principal, she was effective enough, but I just didn’t buy that she had an inner geek inside of her, just waiting for the right geeky man to come around so that she could practice speaking Elvish and discuss whether it was Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White who was in the third Lord of the Rings movie. 

What I really liked the most about the story was how obvious it was that both the adult and teenaged Mike really loved his children.  At the beginning of the movie, when he gives up his basketball future because his unborn child is his future, I was shocked that a teenaged basketball star could make such an adult-like and responsible decision.  When Mike transforms back to his teenaged self and goes back to high school, he very quickly realizes that the reason he was meant to go back to high school wasn’t to recapture his glory years as a basketball star, but to get to know his kids better and rebuild a life with them.  Again, that’s a pretty adult and responsible decision.  I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind finding myself such a responsible guy!

One final note: I think Zac Efron is more than his current teen heartthrob image.  He definitely has the looks and talent (we all know he made his start in a trio of movies that required both singing and dancing!) to take him far.  If he makes smart decisions about which movies he stars in, he could be around for a long time to come!


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