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May 18, 2009

Angels and Demons

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Saw the new Tom Hanks movie, Angels and Demons, yesterday.  I can honestly say that it’s better than The DaVinci Code, but that might not be saying much.  I really enjoyed the Dan Brown books upon which these movies were based, but I recognize that even the books aren’t the height of great literature, so one can’t really expect the movies to be cinematic triumphs.  Having said that, I did enjoy this movie!  My enjoyment of the movie was definitely based on the performances of Tom Hanks, Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria Vetra, and Ewan McGregor as the Camerlengo!

The plot of the movie doesn’t 100% stick to the book (as was pointed out in great detail by the woman exiting the theatre behind me – more on that later!).  First and foremost, Angels and Demons is promoted as a sequel to The DaVinci Code when in fact the events of the novel were written to have happened before.  Since the only character that appears in both books and movies is Hanks’ Dr. Robert Langdon, I don’t think that really matters much.  The deaths of the Cardinals are relatively accurate, though the final Cardinal doesn’t actually die as he did in the novel.  I’m sure there are other differences too, but not that really stood out a lot in my mind.  There are definite parts of the story that defy credulity, and this really comes through on screen!  But since I don’t go to the movies to witness real life, I wasn’t overly bothered by that.

To be honest, my review is probably overly biased in the movie’s favour because of how much I love Tom Hanks.  Aside from the Hughs, and a few other British gentlemen that are sure to be mentioned in this blog eventually, Tom Hanks is definitely one of my huge Hollywood crushes!  In this movie, I found Tom Hanks to be particularly sexy.  I think it’s the combination of his shorter hair, his role as saviour, and his intelligence.  After all, what single woman wouldn’t be attracted to a smart, heroic guy with decent(ish) hair?

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