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June 21, 2009

The Proposal

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Last night I saw the new Sandra Bullock movie, The Proposal.  Since my friend and I were in the mood for a light romantic comedy, this movie fit the bill nicely.  I think there were lots of other people in similar moods since the theatre was PACKED by the time we entered, and that was a good 25 minutes before the show was set to start! 

First, let’s talk about what I liked.  Sandra Bullock!  It was nice to see her onscreen again, since the last movie she was in on the big screen was 2007’s “The Premonition.”  In The Proposal she has again returned to her romantic comedy roots, this time playing the role of an uptight witch, Margaret Tate, who has to learn to loosen up and let love into her life.  She played both roles – witch and love interest – effectively.  She has clearly been working out, and for the most part, looks pretty darn good for her age!  That having been said, I’m not sure she’s young enough to be playing the “I’ve never been married and I’m looking for The One” role anymore. 

Ryan Reynolds!  To be honest, I wasn’t overly concerned with his acting abilities as Andrew Paxton so much as the eye candy aspect of his role!  He’s a good enough actor, but he’s a bit young to be paired with Sandra Bullock in this kind of movie.  I found it a little disconcerting to see how quickly his character went from quiet, obedient assistant to blackmailing jerk.  His character doesn’t stay a jerk for long, but it did make me wonder why he didn’t stand up to his shrew of a boss much earlier!

Betty White!  The woman commands attention on the screen!  Her character, Grandma Annie (Gammy) is funny and outspoken.  I think they could have taken her role even further, but she definitely stole the scenes she was in!  I did have a hard time buying that she was supposed to be 90 years old, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t met too many spry 90-year-olds. 

In addition to the main characters, I also enjoyed the supporting characters played by Mary Steenburgen (Grace Paxton, Andrew’s mom) and Craig T. Nelson (Joe Paxton, Andrew’s father).  Their time onscreen is utilized well and I could very much sense the family dynamic.

Now I want to discuss what I didn’t like very much about the movie.  For such an uptight woman, Margaret Tate let her guard down WAY too fast!  She pretty much nearly completely transformed overnight!  I totally didn’t buy that.  It was also a little hard to swallow the whole idea of the relationship between Margaret and Andrew seeing as how there’s quite the age difference between the two actors (think 12 years).  There’s no way you’d buy that the two actors are portraying similarly-aged characters in the movie!  Finally, the other thing that bugged me about this movie was that not a lot of explanation was given for the poor relationship between Andrew Paxton and his father.  Granted, the movie is a romantic comedy and not a family drama, but I was curious to know what caused all the tension between the two and there was never really any explanation. 

If all you’re looking for is a bit of light summer entertainment, than The Proposal will definitely fit the bill.  It is sweet and funny and has some really good characters.  Enjoy!


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