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November 12, 2009

Damn, Russell!

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Okay, don’t want to spoil tonight’s episode of Survivor for those who haven’t seen it yet, but wow!  Russell sure knows how to play the game of Survivor, and I was quite impressed! 

Watching Grey’s Anatomy right now . . .


November 11, 2009

Thoughts on what I’ve been watching lately . . .

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while!  I’ve been busy watching a lot of things . . . just haven’t had time to do much posting!  Instead of individual posts on what I like and don’t like, you’re stuck with this giant post! 


House (Global, 8pm): Still the best hour of television, in my opinion!  Watching House become more “human” has been an intense journey, and I really like the direction they’ve taken the characters so far.  Watching the “old team” work together while the “new team” drifted away, has filled me with nostalgia.  This past week’s episode had some great House-Cuddy scenes, and some great humour!

One Tree Hill (The CW, 8pm): Yup, the show is definitely different without Lucas and Peyton!  For the most part, I don’t really miss them too much . . . though the show has definitely lost its edge!  I like a couple of the new characters, particularly Nathan’s agent Clayton, and Brooke’s boyfriend Julian.  I can’t say I’m overly crazy about Quinn, Hayley’s sister.  The storyline involving the woman who accused Nathan of getting her pregnant was interesting, but didn’t exactly cover new territory.

Gossip Girl (The CW, 9pm): Yeah, I’m not so sure I’m feeling the whole college thing!  The show has become increasingly unbelievable.  Normally that would be okay, but this completely stretches the limits of credulity!  An 18 year old running a multimillion dollar company?  A college student still clinging to the idea of wealth and hierarchy?  Another 18 year old landing a job as a publicist?  I mean the list just goes on.  I still watch though – I do like Hillary Duff’s character Olivia, and Vanessa. 


NCIS (Global, 8pm): I was so happy they managed to bring Ziva back to the team in a way that actually made some sense!  I was a little disappointed with their rescue episode, but overall, I’m enjoying this season!  The sexual tension between Tony and Ziva is still palpable, and the humour and camraderie is what keeps drawing me in!  It doesn’t hurt that Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly are so hot!

Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit (CTV, 10pm): While I don’t think this season is necessarily breaking any new ground, I still enjoy all the Law and Order shows.  The cases are usually borrowed straight from the headlines, and I enjoy figuring out which cases they are using and how they’re going to change things up a bit.  I am completely thrilled that Stephanie March is back as ADA Alex Cabot!  When they brought her back for a few episodes last season I was super-excited and had hoped they would bring her back permanently.  When the season opened and Christine Lahti was the new ADA, I was disappointed.  Having said that, I thought the storyline involving Christine Lahti’s character and her ultimate undoing was extremely compelling!


America’s Next Top Model (The CW, 8pm): While the idea of having petite models was fresh, I’ve not really loved this whole season.  The format is starting to feel really stale, and I can’t really say that any of the models have been really compelling for me.  I think they’re all a little weak when compared to some of the previous winners.  I still love the Jays though, and for now, that’s enough to keep me watching.

Bones (Global, 8pm): How is it possible that the sexual tension between Brennan and Booth has gotten even stronger?  The real draw of this show is the characters, and I’m loving every minute of it!  I’m so glad to see that Stewie hasn’t made any reappearances – I was really concerned towards the end of last season that the show had “jumped the shark” and would have lost some of its steam! 


Survivor (Global, 8pm): Talk about an interesting season!  Having Russell on has given us a whole new evil genius villain in Survivor lore!  The guy is such an egomaniac – but whatever he’s been doing has worked so far!  We’ll see if last week’s “playing the idol” move ultimately proves to be his undoing!

Grey’s Anatomy (CTV, 9pm): I have to give credit where credit is due: the show has managed to become somewhat interesting again after last season’s sex-with-a-ghost debacle!  It’s not perfect, but definitely more watchable this season!  The storyline involving the merger with Mercy West has promise, though so far all it’s done is introduce a bunch of new characters who inflate an already large cast!  I’m glad to see Derek and Meredith doing so well though.  I miss George, but not as much as I thought I would!

90210 (Global, 10pm): Yes, I know the show airs on Tuesdays, but I like watching it on Thursdays!  The show has been good this season.  I like the new characters they’ve introduced, and I think the storylines are good right now.  I really feel like the show has created an identity and following completely separate from the original, and I now tune in not because I want to see members of the original cast, but because I care about these new kids!  I don’t care so much for Annie, actually, but I like Dixon, Silver, Navid and Adrianna!


Law and Order (NBC, 8pm): The show is starting to feel a little tired, but it’s still watchable!  It’s nice to see a little bit of the character’s lives, which we get the most of with Lt. Van Buren’s cancer storyline.  I’m glad to see last season’s characters all back this season.  I like ADA Connie Rubirosa the best.

Ugly Betty (Citytv, 9pm): Last season’s heartbreaking conclusion for Daniel hasn’t really translated that well into this season, at least for me.  I believe that he misses Molly, but I don’t see the same strength of storytelling that I saw at the end of last season.  I am glad to see Betty working at her new job, and I think her makeover is cute!  The characters aren’t quite geling for me yet though.  The storyline with Wilhemina and her daughter Nico has promise.  I think they need to ditch Matt as a character though . . . all this tension between him and Betty is annoying!


The Amazing Race (CTV, 8pm): I still love this show!  I love being able to travel to all these amazing countries and see the world without leaving my house!  The challenges are fun to watch, and my favourite team, the Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy, are still in it!  I hope they win!

Desperate Housewives (CTV, 9pm): Okay, we now know that Mike married Susan.  To me it seems like their marriage has already entered tired and boring territory though!  Granted they have the huge distraction of Julie’s attack and Katherine’s obsession with Mike to contend with, but I’m just not seeing reignited passion between them!  Bree is still as icy as ever, and watching her with Carl is a little like seeing a traffic accident – you’re disgusted but you just can’t look away!  I think it’s an interesting plot twist to make Lynette pregnant, but I think it’s time they start to reveal that she’s pregnant!

Well, dear readers, that wraps it up for me right now.  What are your thoughts on your favourite shows?

September 27, 2009

“Eat the wasabi!”

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Yes, tonight marks the premiere of one of my favourite reality tv shows – The Amazing Race!  Airing Sundays at 8pm on CBS, the show has teams of 2 racing around the world to earn a million dollars.

From the very beginning, this race starts off differently than most.  One team is elimintated before they even start during a license plate challenge at the start line.  I thought the license plates were a good idea – it got the teams used to paying attention to detail right off the bat.  Hopefully this will help the teams down the road when other clues require them to be very observant!

I LOVED the fact that the first stop in the race was Japan.  My sister has been to Japan before, and I’m sure she could tell you that Japan is an amazing country filled with wonderful sights and sounds!  The fact that the first road block involved a Japanese game show that required contestants to eat a wasabi bomb while the audience cheered them on was so freaking cool!  The Japanese are reknowned for their crazy game shows, and the energy coming from this particular challenge was a great way to kick off the first episode!

Right off the bat, I have a couple of favourite teams.  The basketball players, Flight Time and Big Easy, are totally cool, not to mention really, really tall!  I also like the brothers Sam and Dan, and Mika and Canaan (they seemed to be trying to speak Japanese, which is really respectful). 

I can’t say I’m too crazy about the poker players, Maria and Tiffany.  I don’t like the fact that they lied to the other teams about their jobs.  Right away they’ve been arguing, and I just don’t see them getting too far if they continue to argue and lose focus.  

So, readers, what do you think?  How do you think this season will play out, and who are your favourite teams?

August 18, 2009

How insane was that?!

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How many of you watched Big Brother tonight (8pm on CBS)?  How totally crazy was that episode?!  You know, I sometimes forget how much editing they do in order to produce three one-hour episodes per week!  I didn’t realize how many times Chima has been in trouble for not following the rules!  Personally, when she disobeyed the rules that final time, I thought she got what she deserved (sorry for the vagueness, I’m trying to type this with few spoiler alerts)!  I still can’t over the reactions of the other houseguests though!  These people need to take a chill pill and remember that they’re playing a game!  I suppose, in their defense, it is a game that totally f*cks with their minds!  I don’t understand why so much anger is directed towards Jeff though.  He was given the coup d’etat power by America.  Not using it would have been a total crap move!  Any of the others would have used it too! 

So I should probably apologize for my lack of posting lately.  It’s been a busy summer, and most of the tv I’ve been watching, with the exception of True Blood, has all been repeats, or DVDs of tv shows in anticipation of new seasons starting soon!  I’ve got some thoughts on a few different shows I’ve watched recently that I’m hoping to share soon!  Stay tuned . . .

August 1, 2009

Coup d’etat

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Okay, I totally knew they wouldn’t keep that clique thing happening much longer!  In a sense I’m a little disappointed – having the cliques working together really would have given the contestants an opportunity to pick off an entire clique or two (as they practically have with the Populars).  Some people are really going to be in trouble now that they don’t have their clique status protecting them.  I think this is where we’re going to see the Athletes getting into trouble . . . unless they can manage not to do or say anything to piss each other off!  Jeff could be toast pretty soon since he was never really “in” with his clique to begin with.  I would really, really like to see Natalie gone – she irritates me to no end! 

This new coup d’etat power sounds intriguing.  I hope whoever ends up with it actually uses it to totally shake up the game!  I hope it ends up in the hands of Jeff or someone from the Off-beats since I think they would potentially use it to really throw off the rest of the house.  In some ways though, I think Big Brother is really starting to rip off ideas from Survivor.  The coup d’etat power reminds me a lot of a hidden immunity idol!  I know the Big Brother producers want to keep the show fresh and interesting so people will watch, but for me, the draw has always been watching the psychological aspects of play, and how all the different characters interact with each other.  For me, this kind of voyeuristic pleasure never gets old!

July 25, 2009

Which clique would you be in?

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I thought I’d posted already on the new season of Big Brother (airing on CBS Sundays at 8pm, Tuesdays at 9pm, and Thursdays at 8pm), but apparently that was just in my mind?  Or I didn’t look far back enough at my list of posts . . . LOL

Initially, I thought the idea of dividing into high school cliques was cute.  I can’t say I found the cliques overly original, but it was neat to see the house guests grouped together into teams.  The twist of your whole clique being safe if one member is the HOH is a good idea, though how much longer do you think that will last?  Now I’m sorry, but these cliques are basically just in name only!  I would have loved to see them take the idea to the extreme and make these cliques share the same bedroom and eat together.  As it is, only the “have-nots” are forced to room together.  Ah well . . .

My fist impressions of the people are pretty similar to what they always are.  It’s nice to see Jesse back, ‘cuz I think he’s cute.  That huge muscles look doesn’t really do it for me, but they work for him.  I think Jeff is HOT, but rather dumb.  I liked Lydia to begin with, but when she started moping and whining about being nominated for eviction the first week, I was rather put off.  I really like Kevin and Casey, particularly Casey, and hope they do well.  I don’t care for Ronnie at all, I think he’s a weasly creep.  I hate Russel with a passion, and hope he goes next.  I didn’t care for Laura at first, but then when I realized that she was really smart, and probably the only person clever enough to take Ronnie down, I was disappointed to see her voted off.

As for who will last the full summer and win the big prize, I guess only time will tell!

May 21, 2009

American Idol

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I didn’t watch American Idol this season, but who could escape all the buzz surrounding Adam Lambert?  Everyone that I talked to thought he was sure to win . . . so I was surprised to read that the winner was Kris Allen! 

Not knowing much about either of the two singers, I can’t really comment on whether or not I think Kris is the better singer (though I have heard from the people that I talked to that they think Kris is too generic).  I will say that if Adam is as good a singer as everyone says, and he chooses the right material, he could go on to have just as big a career as Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry . . . two other famous singers who also didn’t win American Idol.

What did you think of this season of American Idol?

May 17, 2009

And the title of “Sole Survivor” goes to . . .

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In a way, I’m a little disappointed.  This season didn’t really have any surprises, and it would have been a great surprise to have Erin or Stephen win!  The only real “character” this season was Coach, and even he wasn’t as outrageous as people we’ve seen on previous seasons.

I will say that I admired J.T.’s final decision to take Stephen to the final two.  It must have been a really hard decision – friendship and loyalty vs an easy shot at one million dollars.  Honestly, I’m not really sure that either Erin or Stephen would have had much of a chance against J.T. since he was so darn likable. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that J.T. won, I just wish there had been more drama this season!

I’m watching the Survivor reunion show right now, and I have to say, in my opinion, Coach is a pretty handsome guy without the beard 😉

May 15, 2009

Goodbye Dragonslayer!

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Just wanted to type a few thoughts about last night’s episode of Survivor . . .  Warning: spoilers ahead!

I really thought they were going to vote out Erin.  She really should have kept her mouth shut when Coach was sent to Exile Island, and I think even she realized what a huge mistake that was.  I think she should be very grateful to Stephen for keeping her around for another few days!  In all honesty though, are we really that surprised that Coach is gone?  Yes, he tried to play an honourable game, but he was just so hard to take!  Watching him meditate every morning, and hearing him talk about how he is the dragonslayer just left me staring at the tv going “do you have any idea how pretentious you sound?”

Having said that though, I am kinda sad to see Coach go.  I didn’t want him to win, but he was good for entertainment value, and I have to admire someone who stayed trued to himself and his beliefs in a game that more often than not turns people into the worst versions of themselves. 

What did you think?  Are you anticipating the season finale on Sunday?

May 14, 2009

Yes Chef!

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Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Hell’s Kitchen in my reality roundup post!  My bad!  Warning: spoiler alert!

Here’s my confession: I didn’t think too much of this season’s contestants to begin with.  I honestly didn’t think there was a real star in the crowd.  The first contestant that caught my eye was Danny.  I thought that for someone so young, he was pretty talented.

Once the crowd was wittled down to the final four or so chefs, I knew it would be Paula and Danny at the end.  The other chefs were good, but not quite stars of the same calibre as Danny and Paula.  At that point, I thought either of them could take it.  I was particularly relieved that Andrea didn’t make the final two since she’s just awful! 

Going into the final two episodes, I thought Paula had a bit more of an edge.  She’s got a little bit more experienced, won a taste challenge, and wasn’t dumb enough to get completely wasted on the champagne they were given for being in the final two.  She really seemed to know what she wanted for her restaurant, and had a vision more in keeping with what I would have chosen myself.

To be fair, Danny was also quite clear on what he wanted.  I wasn’t overly fond of the name he chose for his restaurant, but he knew what he wanted and was able to deliver.  I wasn’t overly crazy about the decor of his restaurant, but it came out looking nicer than I expected.  I definitely enjoyed the lightness and sophistication of Paula’s space, though I wasn’t overly crazy about the name of her restaurant either.

When the final dinner service started, I was very impressed with Danny’s confidence and command of his kitchen.  His brigade communicated loudly and well from the first ticket onwards.  It took Paula much longer to hit her stride and find her voice.  Both of them had a couple of bumps along the way (the sauce in Danny’s kitchen; the halibut in Paula’s kitchen, not to mention Lacey!), and they both handled the bumps well.  Danny finished first, but Paula finished strong too.  By the end, I was once again uncertain who was going to win.  I was hoping for Danny, but really thought that Paula could do a good job too.

Needless to say, when Chef Ramsay finally announced the winner, I was happy to see that it was . . . DANNY!  Congratulations Chef Danny!

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