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May 14, 2009

Yes Chef!

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Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Hell’s Kitchen in my reality roundup post!  My bad!  Warning: spoiler alert!

Here’s my confession: I didn’t think too much of this season’s contestants to begin with.  I honestly didn’t think there was a real star in the crowd.  The first contestant that caught my eye was Danny.  I thought that for someone so young, he was pretty talented.

Once the crowd was wittled down to the final four or so chefs, I knew it would be Paula and Danny at the end.  The other chefs were good, but not quite stars of the same calibre as Danny and Paula.  At that point, I thought either of them could take it.  I was particularly relieved that Andrea didn’t make the final two since she’s just awful! 

Going into the final two episodes, I thought Paula had a bit more of an edge.  She’s got a little bit more experienced, won a taste challenge, and wasn’t dumb enough to get completely wasted on the champagne they were given for being in the final two.  She really seemed to know what she wanted for her restaurant, and had a vision more in keeping with what I would have chosen myself.

To be fair, Danny was also quite clear on what he wanted.  I wasn’t overly fond of the name he chose for his restaurant, but he knew what he wanted and was able to deliver.  I wasn’t overly crazy about the decor of his restaurant, but it came out looking nicer than I expected.  I definitely enjoyed the lightness and sophistication of Paula’s space, though I wasn’t overly crazy about the name of her restaurant either.

When the final dinner service started, I was very impressed with Danny’s confidence and command of his kitchen.  His brigade communicated loudly and well from the first ticket onwards.  It took Paula much longer to hit her stride and find her voice.  Both of them had a couple of bumps along the way (the sauce in Danny’s kitchen; the halibut in Paula’s kitchen, not to mention Lacey!), and they both handled the bumps well.  Danny finished first, but Paula finished strong too.  By the end, I was once again uncertain who was going to win.  I was hoping for Danny, but really thought that Paula could do a good job too.

Needless to say, when Chef Ramsay finally announced the winner, I was happy to see that it was . . . DANNY!  Congratulations Chef Danny!


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