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September 21, 2009

My Quick Thoughts on the Emmys

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First: Neil Patrick Harris did a wonderful job as host!  The opening number was great and really set the tone for the whole show.  I particularly liked the Kanye West reference!

Second: Dividing the show into genres was a good idea.  It seemed to flow much more nicely that way, and the unifying themes made sense.

Third: The speeches were blissfully shorter than I expected!  That was so nice!!  I thought Jeff Probst (spelling?) speech for best reality competition host was good, even though I though Phil Keoghan should have won!

Fourth: Having the colour commentary on the winners as they came up to get their award was really funny.  I hope they guy was just making stuff up ‘cuz that would have been totally hilarious!

Fifth: Hugh Laurie was totally ROBBED!  He should have won best actor in a dramatic series!  Season five of House was some of the most superbly acted television I’ve ever seen!

Sixth: House should have won for best drama too! 

Seventh: Neil Patrick Harris’s bit after he lost to Jon Cryer was great!


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