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May 30, 2009


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I’ve just returned home from seeing the movie Up with some friends.  I LOVED it!  It has lots of warmth and humour, and truly has the makings to be another hit movie for the Disney/Pixar studios.  I am going to attempt to keep my review spoiler-free . . .

For me, this movie had a lot more genuine expressions of love in it than previous Disney/Pixar movies (with the exception of Wall-E, which, don’t hate me for saying, I didn’t particularly love).  I nearly teared up a few times, and my movie companions said they did cry in a couple of parts.  The feelings in this movie were very genuine, and very beautifully portrayed by the voice cast (particularly Ed Asner as the main character, Carl).  I think, though I may be wrong here, some of the relationships in the movie will go right over the kids’ heads, but will definitely strike a chord with their adult chaperones.  

For a studio that spends so much time bringing animals and other non-human characters “to life,” they did a kick-ass job with the humans in this movie.  The character of Russel is a total real-life kid that I could picture walking down the street.  But it is the depiction of senior citizen Carl that really charms the moviegoer.  I have heard interviews with Pete Docter, the director, where he talks about basing the character of Carl on his grandfather and other elderly people related to studio staff, and I think his attention to detail really pays off! 

Similar attention to detail is paid to the South American setting.  I believe I read somewhere that the animators actually did travel to South American jungles to get the feel of the plant and animals.  I’ve gotta give props to people who care so much about accuracy and are clearly passionate about their jobs!

I saw the movie in 3D.  To be honest, this movie would have been equally enjoyable in regular 2D format.  The particular special effects of this movie weren’t necessarily enhanced by the 3D glasses, at least for me.  I saw a few previews for other 3D movies (including a certain June 18, 2010 release that I’m already anticipating) that probably lend themselves a little better to the format, but hey, it was fun nonethless.

It remains to be seen if this particular movie will end up joining the ranks of my top 5 favourite Disney movies, but it is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen recently!

Readers, if you have seen Up, what did you think of it?  It you haven’t seen it, are you planning to?


May 26, 2009

Top 5 Disney movies . . .

In honour of the new Disney/Pixar movie opening this Friday, Up, I’ve decided to share with you my top 5 animated Disney movies of all time.  Without further adieu . . .

5. The Lion King   This movie was released in 1994, and I still remember seeing it in theatres!  At the time, the animation was quite advanced and I remember being struck, right from the opening scene, by how realistic the movie seemed.  I loved the story, and to this day I still cry when Mufasa dies!  The songs, particularly Hakuna Matata and Circle of Life, still resonate today. 

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4. Toy Story  This movie was released in 1995.  Actually, I can’t believe it was released the year after The Lion King!  I know I saw this movie in theatres too, but my memories of that experience aren’t as clear as my memories of seeing The Lion King.  This movie really appeals to me because of the “toys coming to life” aspect of it.  As a child, didn’t you ever wonder what your toys did when you left the room?  Did you ever sneak back to your room as quietly as you could just so you could catch your toys having fun without you?  I’m not say *I* ever did that, of course . . . 😉  This story of friendship was perfectly voiced by one of my favourite actors, Tom Hanks as Woody.  Voicing the role of Buzz Lightyear was Tim Allen, and to this day I can still hear him uttering the phrase “to infinity and beyond!”


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3. The Incredibles  Released in 2004, this movie was described by Richard Corliss from Time as “the year’s wittiest, zippiest adventure, with each knockout action sequence eclipsing the last!”  The movie tells the story of Bob Parr, insurance guy by day, superhero by night!  Bob and his wife Helen are trying to live normal “civilian” lives with their three kids, but get sucked back into the world of heroism when a man from their former life drags them back.  I remember thinking at the time, and even now still, how funny this movie is for adults and kids!

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2. Finding Nemo  This movie was released in 2003.  I love, love, love the relationship between Marlin and Dory!  Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, Dory was the ultimate comic relief!  The scene with the sharks . . . classic!  Of course, we can’t forget about the turtles either 🙂  One of the real appeals of this movie, for me anyway, was the underwater scenery.  This movie really opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects of ocean life.  It’s probably best that my eyes get opened from Finding Nemo and not Jaws!

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1. Mulan  This movie was released in 1998.  That summer, I saw it 3 times in theatres!  I think it was the first movie I actually saw multiple times in the theatre.  I love everything about this movie!  The story of a young Chinese girl risking her own life to protect her ailing father from war while at the same time feeling alienated from other girls because she’s not obsessed with getting married and being a perfect wife really struck a chord within me.  I think I had every one of the songs memorized (actually, I can still sing most of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and some of the other songs).  I think the character of Mushu, voiced by Eddie Murphy, still ranks as the best “comic relief” character of all the Disney movies! 

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Ultimately it was difficult to choose my favourite 5 animated Disney movies.  I have loved all the Disney movies, and narrowing it down to just the best 5 was hard!  Before I go, I have to send out honourable mention shout outs to: The Little Mermaid (1989), Aladdin (1992), Toy Story 2 (1999) and A Bug’s Life (1998).

And you, dear readers?  What are your favourite Disney movies?

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