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November 11, 2009

Thoughts on what I’ve been watching lately . . .

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while!  I’ve been busy watching a lot of things . . . just haven’t had time to do much posting!  Instead of individual posts on what I like and don’t like, you’re stuck with this giant post! 


House (Global, 8pm): Still the best hour of television, in my opinion!  Watching House become more “human” has been an intense journey, and I really like the direction they’ve taken the characters so far.  Watching the “old team” work together while the “new team” drifted away, has filled me with nostalgia.  This past week’s episode had some great House-Cuddy scenes, and some great humour!

One Tree Hill (The CW, 8pm): Yup, the show is definitely different without Lucas and Peyton!  For the most part, I don’t really miss them too much . . . though the show has definitely lost its edge!  I like a couple of the new characters, particularly Nathan’s agent Clayton, and Brooke’s boyfriend Julian.  I can’t say I’m overly crazy about Quinn, Hayley’s sister.  The storyline involving the woman who accused Nathan of getting her pregnant was interesting, but didn’t exactly cover new territory.

Gossip Girl (The CW, 9pm): Yeah, I’m not so sure I’m feeling the whole college thing!  The show has become increasingly unbelievable.  Normally that would be okay, but this completely stretches the limits of credulity!  An 18 year old running a multimillion dollar company?  A college student still clinging to the idea of wealth and hierarchy?  Another 18 year old landing a job as a publicist?  I mean the list just goes on.  I still watch though – I do like Hillary Duff’s character Olivia, and Vanessa. 


NCIS (Global, 8pm): I was so happy they managed to bring Ziva back to the team in a way that actually made some sense!  I was a little disappointed with their rescue episode, but overall, I’m enjoying this season!  The sexual tension between Tony and Ziva is still palpable, and the humour and camraderie is what keeps drawing me in!  It doesn’t hurt that Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly are so hot!

Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit (CTV, 10pm): While I don’t think this season is necessarily breaking any new ground, I still enjoy all the Law and Order shows.  The cases are usually borrowed straight from the headlines, and I enjoy figuring out which cases they are using and how they’re going to change things up a bit.  I am completely thrilled that Stephanie March is back as ADA Alex Cabot!  When they brought her back for a few episodes last season I was super-excited and had hoped they would bring her back permanently.  When the season opened and Christine Lahti was the new ADA, I was disappointed.  Having said that, I thought the storyline involving Christine Lahti’s character and her ultimate undoing was extremely compelling!


America’s Next Top Model (The CW, 8pm): While the idea of having petite models was fresh, I’ve not really loved this whole season.  The format is starting to feel really stale, and I can’t really say that any of the models have been really compelling for me.  I think they’re all a little weak when compared to some of the previous winners.  I still love the Jays though, and for now, that’s enough to keep me watching.

Bones (Global, 8pm): How is it possible that the sexual tension between Brennan and Booth has gotten even stronger?  The real draw of this show is the characters, and I’m loving every minute of it!  I’m so glad to see that Stewie hasn’t made any reappearances – I was really concerned towards the end of last season that the show had “jumped the shark” and would have lost some of its steam! 


Survivor (Global, 8pm): Talk about an interesting season!  Having Russell on has given us a whole new evil genius villain in Survivor lore!  The guy is such an egomaniac – but whatever he’s been doing has worked so far!  We’ll see if last week’s “playing the idol” move ultimately proves to be his undoing!

Grey’s Anatomy (CTV, 9pm): I have to give credit where credit is due: the show has managed to become somewhat interesting again after last season’s sex-with-a-ghost debacle!  It’s not perfect, but definitely more watchable this season!  The storyline involving the merger with Mercy West has promise, though so far all it’s done is introduce a bunch of new characters who inflate an already large cast!  I’m glad to see Derek and Meredith doing so well though.  I miss George, but not as much as I thought I would!

90210 (Global, 10pm): Yes, I know the show airs on Tuesdays, but I like watching it on Thursdays!  The show has been good this season.  I like the new characters they’ve introduced, and I think the storylines are good right now.  I really feel like the show has created an identity and following completely separate from the original, and I now tune in not because I want to see members of the original cast, but because I care about these new kids!  I don’t care so much for Annie, actually, but I like Dixon, Silver, Navid and Adrianna!


Law and Order (NBC, 8pm): The show is starting to feel a little tired, but it’s still watchable!  It’s nice to see a little bit of the character’s lives, which we get the most of with Lt. Van Buren’s cancer storyline.  I’m glad to see last season’s characters all back this season.  I like ADA Connie Rubirosa the best.

Ugly Betty (Citytv, 9pm): Last season’s heartbreaking conclusion for Daniel hasn’t really translated that well into this season, at least for me.  I believe that he misses Molly, but I don’t see the same strength of storytelling that I saw at the end of last season.  I am glad to see Betty working at her new job, and I think her makeover is cute!  The characters aren’t quite geling for me yet though.  The storyline with Wilhemina and her daughter Nico has promise.  I think they need to ditch Matt as a character though . . . all this tension between him and Betty is annoying!


The Amazing Race (CTV, 8pm): I still love this show!  I love being able to travel to all these amazing countries and see the world without leaving my house!  The challenges are fun to watch, and my favourite team, the Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy, are still in it!  I hope they win!

Desperate Housewives (CTV, 9pm): Okay, we now know that Mike married Susan.  To me it seems like their marriage has already entered tired and boring territory though!  Granted they have the huge distraction of Julie’s attack and Katherine’s obsession with Mike to contend with, but I’m just not seeing reignited passion between them!  Bree is still as icy as ever, and watching her with Carl is a little like seeing a traffic accident – you’re disgusted but you just can’t look away!  I think it’s an interesting plot twist to make Lynette pregnant, but I think it’s time they start to reveal that she’s pregnant!

Well, dear readers, that wraps it up for me right now.  What are your thoughts on your favourite shows?


September 15, 2009

Top Five Shows I’m Looking Forward to the Premiere Of!

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Okay, I’ve been meaning to sit down and type out this post for ages, but as usual, life has gotten in the way!  Oh well . . .

The fall tv show is once again upon us, and I’ve got to say, there are some shows I’m definitely excited to revisit!!  Here’s what I’m most looking forward to seeing:

5. 90210 (Tuesdays at 8pm, The CW) – Okay, so technically this show premiered last week.  My bad!  I really want to see how the whole Annie storyline plays out!  I’m also curious to see what happens with Naomi and Liam . . . and how long “No More Drama Adriana” can handle a drama-free life!

4. One Tree Hill (Mondays at 8pm, The CW) – Yeah, it premiered last night!  It’s strange watching the show without Lucas and Peyton, and I’m not sure how well it will fare without them as they were the backbone of the first 5 seasons!  I have to admit though, I did enjoy hearing Haley sing during the episode!

3. Bones (Thursday, 8pm, Fox.  Premieres September 17th) – I’ve gotta know how Booth’s memory loss plays out!  I also have to know if the show will “jump the shark,” particularly given how stupid I thought the Stewie appearance was!  From what I’m given to understand though, the relationship between Booth and Bones is going to deepen this season, which I’ll look forward to watching!

2. N.C.I.S. (Tuesdays, 8pm, CBS.  Premieres September 22nd) – What happens to Ziva??!!  Will the relationship between Ziva and Tony survive?  I. Have. To. Know!

1. House (Mondays, 8pm, Fox.  Premieres September 21st) – Yeah, like there was ever any doubt that this would be my number one pick!  Oh my god I can’t wait!  I have to know about House’s experience in the Psychiatric Hospital and what the long-term consequences of his hallucinations will be.  I have a feeling the first episode will make me bawl, and if Hugh Laurie doesn’t win an emmy for his worrk in season 5, I will scream!  

And you, dear readers?  What shows are you looking forward to watching this fall?

May 13, 2009

Consider me your top suspect

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So, the season finale of Bones . . .

First of all I have to say that it was fun to see all of Bones’ assistants together in one room!  It was so nice to see Eric Millegan back as Zack, even though he’s not the Zack we all know and love.  All the characters from the past season were well-represented in this episode.  The writers also did a great job of incorporating important past storylines (Gormogon, the Grave Digger).  The use of “The Lab” as a club was nice. 

The general mood of the episode was pretty light, and it seemed like everyone was having fun playing these new characters.  The relationship between Booth and Bones felt natural.  Thinking more about it, their relationship is pretty much just like it is now – without the sex and marriage certificate!  The other characters were in roles much less like their regular characters, but it worked for them.

The thing is, I’m not quite sure I liked this departure from the normal for the season finale.  I’m all for the occasional light-hearted episode in a series, particularly when it helps reveal more about the characters that we’ve come to know and love, but as a season finale, I’m not sold.  Where are the bones?  The investigation?  The questioning of suspects?  The interrogations?  I miss Bones trying to learn something about social interaction and Booth not fully understanding a scientific explanation!

I think what I disliked the most about this episode was that it was so predictable.  It was easy to guess that this whole storyline was a dream that Booth was having after his brain surgery.  The biggest question in my mind was “how long was his coma?” (it was 4 days, F.Y.I.)  Then having him wake up and not know who Bones was . . . well, if the producers and writers were expecting that to be a dramatic moment, they completely failed. 

Perhaps I’m not being fair though.  My two favourite shows this season were definitely Bones and House, and compared to the season finale of House, which I had very strong feelings about, the Bones season finale just didn’t measure up.  But is it fair to compare the two shows like that?  Is it fair for any show to compare to House? 

Did you watch the Bones season finale?  What did you think?  What were your thoughts on this season in general?

May 7, 2009


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Bet you think this post is going to be about Family Guy, right?  Hehehe . . .  Warning: spoiler alert!

So I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed with last night’s episode of “Bones.”  This is a tv show I love, and own on DVD, so I had fairly high expectations for the last few episodes of the fourth season.  While I do think they did a good job of tying last night’s episode to some previous episodes, I just felt like the pacing of this episode was off.  Too much time was focused on solving the case, and listening to Bones discuss, in the most pragmatic fashion, her sudden desire to have a child using Booth’s “stuff.”  In and of itself, that storyline would have been enough to make it a decent episode!

When Booth saw Stewie the first time, I was willing to accept the plot device as a fantasy.  I despise Family Guy, so I wasn’t overly impressed that Stewie was meant to be the voice of wisdom.  When Stewie appeared during the interrogation, I was kinda pissed off.  Talk about stretching the boundaries of believability!  Ironically though, the following scene when Bones insisted that something was wrong with Booth, I found to be quite powerful.  I really wish they would have focused more time on the “Booth has a brain tumor” plot twist!  I think that would have been a very powerful background to some serious character development! 

Another aspect of the story that I wasn’t buying was just how willing Booth was to go along with Bones and agree to provide her with the sperm she needs to have a child.  The fact that he seemed even outwardly willing to agree to the child being “hers with no obligation on his part” seemed fairly ludicrous to me.  He has made it clear that his son is a big part of his life, so I just don’t buy him being willing to father a child that he would see and hear about all the time, but not have a hand in raising! 

Ultimately, time will tell if last night’s episode of Bones hurt the show, or helped drive the plot forward.

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