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November 22, 2009

I am a Gleek!

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Okay, I have to admit it, after watching only 3 episodes of Glee, I was totally HOOKED!  I’d seen the pilot episode last spring, but didn’t have time to watch any of the new episodes this fall.  I stumbled upon one last week sometime (I honestly don’t remember the circumstances that led me to watch episode 8; I think I may have been bored and decided to watch it online), and then HAD to watch Wednesday’s episode.  After that, it was official, I just had to watch them all!  So, of course, I downloaded all the episodes that I hadn’t seen, and now, after watching them right after the other, I’m all caught up, and officially IN LOVE with this show! 

I think it’s awesome that there’s a show out there that celebrates the differences between kids in high school!  They do a great job of representing racial diversity, and each episode really hits all the right notes (pun intended).  The storylines are compelling and the characters are well-written.  The standouts for me are really Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, and Lea Michele as Rachel.  As I sit here, I cannot wait for Wednesday’s new episode, and may actually re-watch one of the ones I downloaded, just so I can get my “fix!”


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  1. I am a Gleek, too! I love the over-the-top storylines and the amazing musical numbers. And I love that it’s always a trip down memory lane every time I watch it.

    Comment by junbelen — November 24, 2009 @ 8:11 pm | Reply

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