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September 22, 2009

House in the House!

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Eeeek!  Last night’s season six premiere of House was AMAZING!  Kudos to Hugh Laurie for a fantastic and nuanced performance.  He’s always amazing in the title role of Dr. Gregory House (and I still maintain that he was ROBBED of his Emmy on Monday night!), but last night he went above and beyond!  For two hours I was caught up in his emotional journey at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital.  I was also blown away by Andre Braugher’s performance as House’s psychiatrist.

There were definitely un-House-like elements in last night’s episode, and in this case, they definitely served to strengthen the episode.  Seeing House challenge the system and try to wreak havoc with the patients was classic House, but then watching him open up and actually make an effort to change his life was beautiful.  Seeing House open up and become vulnerable took me on an emotional journey along with the character.  I am so, so glad that the episode focused solely on House’s emotional journey!  To take away from that journey by showing the team working on some case would have cheapened House’s struggle and weakened the whole episode. 

I can hardly wait to see where season 6 goes from here!  If you haven’t yet become a fan of House, I encourage you to check it out, Monday nights at 8pm on Fox.


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