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August 1, 2009


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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Just returned home from an evening at the movies with some friends.  We ended up seeing G-Force, the computer-assisted movie about a group of special agents who happen to be guinea pigs.  It’s a kids’ movie, but it was cute and had me giggling throughout (partly because the animals were cute and had some funny lines, and partly because of the ludicrous plot). 

I thought the whole plot, an appliance manufacturer (played by Bill Nighy) has put computer microchips into all his appliances so that, when the full system comes alive, all the appliances will communicate with each other and he’ll become the biggest appliance manufacturer in the world (but surprise!  One of his partners has a different plan – he’s turning all the appliances into killer machines to destroy humans), was pretty ridiculous.  It was so ridiculous that you just had to go with it and be entertained.

The guinea pigs are cute and are really good at their jobs.  My favourite scene involved Blaster in a toy car jumping over a row of toy cars a la Evel Knievel.  Juarez was also funny . . . her ideas of romance and keeping the boys guessing made me think she must be a teenager!  The humans in the movie were good too, though rather underused.

I was quite surprised by the voice cast though – Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz?  Are times tough, or are they trying to make movies their kids (future kids, in Penelope’s case) can watch?  Either way . . . I’m betting there will be a sequel to this movie so we’ll see if they show up again!


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