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July 25, 2009

Which clique would you be in?

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I thought I’d posted already on the new season of Big Brother (airing on CBS Sundays at 8pm, Tuesdays at 9pm, and Thursdays at 8pm), but apparently that was just in my mind?  Or I didn’t look far back enough at my list of posts . . . LOL

Initially, I thought the idea of dividing into high school cliques was cute.  I can’t say I found the cliques overly original, but it was neat to see the house guests grouped together into teams.  The twist of your whole clique being safe if one member is the HOH is a good idea, though how much longer do you think that will last?  Now I’m sorry, but these cliques are basically just in name only!  I would have loved to see them take the idea to the extreme and make these cliques share the same bedroom and eat together.  As it is, only the “have-nots” are forced to room together.  Ah well . . .

My fist impressions of the people are pretty similar to what they always are.  It’s nice to see Jesse back, ‘cuz I think he’s cute.  That huge muscles look doesn’t really do it for me, but they work for him.  I think Jeff is HOT, but rather dumb.  I liked Lydia to begin with, but when she started moping and whining about being nominated for eviction the first week, I was rather put off.  I really like Kevin and Casey, particularly Casey, and hope they do well.  I don’t care for Ronnie at all, I think he’s a weasly creep.  I hate Russel with a passion, and hope he goes next.  I didn’t care for Laura at first, but then when I realized that she was really smart, and probably the only person clever enough to take Ronnie down, I was disappointed to see her voted off.

As for who will last the full summer and win the big prize, I guess only time will tell!


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