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July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Eeeek, I saw it last night!  I was so excited to finally see it, and wow!  I’m going to try and keep this review spoiler free . . .

First of all, kudos to the filmmakers for making another extremely high quality film!  One thing that we’ve come to rely upon from the Harry Potter franchise is good quality and this film definitely delivers.  The mood was intense at times, and at other times very light, and I think it mirrored perfectly the attitudes and feelings of the teenaged main characters.  What is teenagedom if not a time filled with heavy, intense moments and moments of pure comedy? 

All the main characters were back, which was good.  By now they’re all very comfortable in their roles, and are capable of very fine, razor-sharp performances.  Once again, my hat goes off to Helena Bonham Carter for the playing the character of Bellatrix Lestrange – amazing!

(Potential Spoiler alert!) The movie does not of course cover all the material from the book.  In this sense I was a little disappointed.  I feel like the book really tells an important part of the family story that just isn’t there in the movie.  The movie focuses very much on the Voldemort aspects of the story, which is fine, but was maybe a bit disappointing in terms of character development.  I did love the comedic aspects of some of the relationships though 🙂  For the length of the movie, around 2.5 hours, the ending felt a little rushed.  It was almost as if they took all their time to get to the end, realized how long the movie was, and breezed through what was left.  Honestly, it didn’t take away too much from the story, it was just enough to be a bit distracting.  (Potential Spoilers Ended!)

The only real complaint I have has to do with the movie experience rather than the movie.  I went last night with a friend to the Metrotown location.  Knowing that the place would be packed, I took the time to buy our tickets online the night before.  All over the website and on the ticket it said “no reserved seats.”  Fine, no problem.  My friend and I were at the theatre about 40 minutes pre-show, and the place was already practically full.  Again, this wasn’t entirely unexpected, so we walked around looking for seats.  We were able to find some after only a few minutes, but were told many times “no, these seats are saved.”  I have no problem with people saving a seat for someone who’s in line at the concession or in the washroom.  It’s even okay with me if you’re meeting your friend at the theatre and save a seat for a few minutes while you’re waiting for your friend, but seriously, holding a seat for close to an hour for a friend who shows up 5 minutes LATE for the movie, when there are a lot of other ticketholders who paid the same amount of money as you did for their ticket is just plain WRONG! 

What do you think, dear readers?  Have you seen the movie?  Do you have a story to share about holding seats at the theatre?


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  1. No reserved seats? Does that mean at times you *can* reserve seats? I’ve not seen that before.

    They really did get the combination of intense but also keeping it light spot on, which is quite a feat. Although I liked the lightness and there were lots of great moments for many of the cast created on this, I was little weirded out by what you mention in the potential spoiler section.

    I had 2 really great theatre going experiences, even seeing it in different provinces! First time in Nova Scotia with my sister and her husband, there was even a line up and they said that was pretty much unheard of there. Then I also saw it at home in Toronto, on my birthday! Fun times.

    Comment by Shannon the Movie Moxie — August 1, 2009 @ 8:21 am | Reply

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