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May 21, 2009

Life should be a musical . . .

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Anyone who knows me on facebook probably saw my status from the other day about wanting life to be a musical.  Well, today I watched the premiere of a new show that, while isn’t exactly a musical, provides enough singing and dancing to keep me satisfied!  What show am I talking about?  Glee!  I hadn’t realized that it actually premiered a few nights ago, so I ended up downloading it last night and watching it this evening.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cast and the writing.  There were a few rough spots, but all in all it was high quality.  The kids they have forming the members of the glee club, particularly Rachel and Finn, are quite talented.  In my opinion, Rachel is stronger in voice than Finn, played by Cory Monteith.  Actually Rachel, played by Lea Michele, reminds me a lot of Idina Menzel, which is definitely a compliment! 

I’ve heard through the grapevine (Perez Hilton) that Fox has made the bold decision to show the pilot episode now in order to hook people, and then air the season next fall with the rest of the new series.  It remains to be seen whether this strategy will pay off in the end, but I for one am intrigued to see what future episodes will bring and will definitely be tuning it to watch!

Did you catch the show?  What did you think?


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