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May 19, 2009

Who did Mike marry??

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Just watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives from Sunday (yeah, I know I’m behind.  I opted to watch Survivor and am now playing catch up!). 

For the most part, I didn’t think it was all that exciting (seriously, how many times can Susan be in peril??  If Teri Hatcher were a better actress then maybe I would have felt her fear!), except for Lynette being pregnant with twins!  When she initially had the symptoms that sent her to the doctor, my first response was “he’s going to tell her she’s going into menopause!” so the pregnancy was a fun, cute twist. 

I thought having Carlos’ niece Ana come and live with Gaby and Carlos was an interesting set-up for next season.  I’m not sure if the writers are planning to do something more daring with her character other than have her tangle with Gaby, but it should provide some laughs.  

I’m totally not buying the Orson and Bree storyline.  Is the guy really that desperate that he has to blackmail his wife into staying with him?  I guess in a sense he is, but give me a break!  Why wouldn’t he settle for taking half of everything that Bree has?  The Karl and Bree storyline is a new twist, but in my opinion, not very interesting when it comes right down to it.  The writers have set Bree up from day one as a frigid, uptight woman.  It’s not that suprising that they’re going to take the most lecherous, despicable man and pair him with Bree now that she’s vulnerable and desperately wanting out of her marriage!

What did impress me was Neal McDonough‘s portrayal of Dave.  His character was so tightly wound!  The way Dave was portrayed, I always had the sense that he was struggling to maintain this elaborate illusion and that should anything happen to disrupt the delicate balance he had going on, the guy would go nuts.  As the season progressed and we found out more about his back story, I really felt bad for him.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wanted him to go after Susan, Mike or M.J., but you gotta feel for the guy!  His last scene in the mental hospital was riveting!

And finally we’re left with the question of who Mike married at the end of the episode.  There are arguments for either Susan or Katherine.  Would Katherine forgive Mike for ditching her at the airport and going to save Susan and M.J.?  I think she would, even just to maintain her own illusions of her relationship.  Did that kiss between Mike and Susan rekindle their former passions?  It definitely could have!  I’ve thought all season that the two of them weren’t over.  Of course, very few clues were given in the scene.  Yes, Karl was at the wedding, but would Susan really have invited him, or would he have used the excuse of her wedding as a reason to be close to Bree?  Where was M.J. during the ceremony?  He should have been present no matter whom Mike was marrying since Mike is his father!  Here’s my theory: Mike married Katherine.  Next season he will begin to realize that he made a mistake and his feelings for Susan will resurface.  Katherine will desperately try to hold on to her marriage (remember, the show is called Desperate Housewives!), perhaps even resorting to lies and trickery to keep Mike.  I’d say either by February sweeps, or next May’s season finale, Mike and Susan will reunite!

And you dear readers, what do you think?


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