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May 11, 2009

My left hand hates me!

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I just finished watching the season finale of HouseWarning: spoilers ahead!

Shock.  That’s the best, most descriptive word I can come up with right now.  The last five minutes of tonight’s episode were pure poetry.  A complete 180.  My heart completely ached for House when he realized that everything was an illusion.  I was in tears when Wilson dropped him off at the Psychiatric Hospital.  I can’t believe we’re going to have to wait until September to continue this story!

The writing in this episode was amazing.  The storyline of the left hand hating the rest of the patient and constantly hitting things and throwing things was an excellent metaphor for House’s own fears and insecurities.  Face it, those fears and insecurities are what keeps House from forming real bonds and relationships with anyone other than Wilson.  Having an actual patient to focus on, rather than a delusion, enables House to explore what he feels for Cuddy.  He spends the better part of the episode trying to “make her angry” so that he can further their relationship.  Ever after Wilson asks him several times if he wants a relationship with Cuddy, or if he just wants a puzzle to solve, House persists.  You know the old saying, and I think it’s particularly appropriate here: actions DO speak louder than words. 

I very much enjoyed the juxtaposition of House being taken to the hospital with Chase and Cameron’s wedding.  The two extremes – sorrow and joy – were beautifully crafted together.  The mood of both scenes was picked up by the dark moodiness of the bleak landscape surrounding the Psychaitric Hospital, and the light and flowers of the wedding.  Ultimately I am glad that the writers allowed Chase and Cameron their happy ending.  I think in the House universe, some relationships just have to work out sometimes.

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In closing, if Hugh Laurie and Anne Dudek (Amber) aren’t nominated for Emmy awards on the strength of their performances over the last few episodes, it will be a crime! 

And you, dear readers, what are your thoughts on House and the season finale?


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