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May 10, 2009

The Race is over!

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And another season of “The Amazing Race” comes to an end!  I can’t say I was too shocked about who ended up winning (congrats Tammy and Victor!), but I will say that I was quite impressed with the integrity of the final three teams!

What I liked: Margie and Luke kicked butt carrying that pig!  Margie is small, but she really is the bionic woman!  They never had to stop, whereas Tammy and Cara and Jaime struggled throughout.  I really liked how encouraging the partners were during the final road block.  Not only encouraging their own partners, but hugging each other and being nice to everyone throughout.  I was really impressed with how well Luke knew those challenges and his memory for the order of all the stops.  Victor was equally impressive in this task.  Perhaps slightly even more so since he ended up pulling ahead of Luke at the end.  Finally, I LOVED how Luke and Jaime and Cara worked together at the end.  That really was a clear indictation to me of the good character of the everyone involved.  

What I didn’t like: I know it was due to frustration, but Jaime and Cara were just plain rude to their cab driver!  They sounded so bitchy when they were talking to him, and it seemed like they had forgotten that he spoke English.  Granted, they had bad luck with most of their taxi drivers along the race, but I can’t imagine they left many good impressions behind.  As racers, it seems to me as though all the teams should be trying their best to win, but also to be positive  representatives of their country!

Once again, congrats to Tammy and Victor!  They did a fantastic job working together and they deserved to win!

What about you, dear readers?  Did you watch The Amazing Race this season?  Were you happy with who won?  I want to hear all your opinions!


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