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May 10, 2009

Are these all the stools, or just the stool samples?

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Did we really need a three hour finale for The Celebrity Apprentice?  Honestly, this is one thing I definitely do NOT like about this show.  I would change the format back to what happened in the season finale of the very first Apprentice, when Bill Rancic won – an hour-long episode in the same format as the rest of the season.  I know that will never happen though – it lacks all the pomp and circumstance that Trump craves.  Having said all that, I pretty much missed the entire first hour of the episode since I was watching the season finale of The Amazing Race

In case you weren’t sure yet, I was solidly on Team Joan.  I thought, from what I could see of the organization of this task, she was the most respectful of everyone on her team.  She really had some great ideas and pulled off a fun, successful auction.  It was great to see so many people from her charity, God’s Love We Deliver (which I’d actually heard of before this show) helping out at the end.  I thought Annie was quite shrewish, and took as many opportunities as she could to badmouth Joan Rivers.  For her, the opportunity to crush Joan Rivers seemed to be as important as raising money and awareness for her charity.

Watching Donald Trump draw out the declaration of the winner was, quite frankly, just plain annoying!  Piers Morgan said it best when he said that Joan won 3 of the 5 criteria, so she should be the Celebrity Apprentice.  Trace Adkins was also quite complimentary of Joan as well.  I thought he was really sweet when he touched upon her charitable spirit, something that I really admired after watching the video about her charity.

And now, after blogging my way through the final half an hour or so of the show, I can finally say congratulations to the winner of this season of The Celebrity Apprentice, Joan Rivers!!

What did you think of this season of The Celebrity Apprentice my dear readers?  I want to hear your thoughts!


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