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May 7, 2009


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Bet you think this post is going to be about Family Guy, right?  Hehehe . . .  Warning: spoiler alert!

So I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed with last night’s episode of “Bones.”  This is a tv show I love, and own on DVD, so I had fairly high expectations for the last few episodes of the fourth season.  While I do think they did a good job of tying last night’s episode to some previous episodes, I just felt like the pacing of this episode was off.  Too much time was focused on solving the case, and listening to Bones discuss, in the most pragmatic fashion, her sudden desire to have a child using Booth’s “stuff.”  In and of itself, that storyline would have been enough to make it a decent episode!

When Booth saw Stewie the first time, I was willing to accept the plot device as a fantasy.  I despise Family Guy, so I wasn’t overly impressed that Stewie was meant to be the voice of wisdom.  When Stewie appeared during the interrogation, I was kinda pissed off.  Talk about stretching the boundaries of believability!  Ironically though, the following scene when Bones insisted that something was wrong with Booth, I found to be quite powerful.  I really wish they would have focused more time on the “Booth has a brain tumor” plot twist!  I think that would have been a very powerful background to some serious character development! 

Another aspect of the story that I wasn’t buying was just how willing Booth was to go along with Bones and agree to provide her with the sperm she needs to have a child.  The fact that he seemed even outwardly willing to agree to the child being “hers with no obligation on his part” seemed fairly ludicrous to me.  He has made it clear that his son is a big part of his life, so I just don’t buy him being willing to father a child that he would see and hear about all the time, but not have a hand in raising! 

Ultimately, time will tell if last night’s episode of Bones hurt the show, or helped drive the plot forward.


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