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May 4, 2009

Holy S-R-A-P!

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I guess the title of this blog pretty much says exactly how I felt about The Celebrity Apprentice from last night.  Warning: spoilers ahead!

First of all . . . yeah for Joan being back!  I’ve got to say, for a 75-year-old lady, she’s got a whole lot of energy!  Her ability to work hard and get the job done, despite sometimes being faced with the challenge of having to deal with other huge egos, is impressive.  I’m not sure that she’s going to be able to take it all at the end, but I guess we’ll find out! 

When Brande was doing her interview and said “holy s-r-a-p!” I was pretty sure this was going to be her last episode.  Granted, I don’t think she’s the “dumb blonde” that her Playboy Bunny image makes her out to be, but I also don’t think she’s a candidate for Mensa either.  Oh well . . . she did work hard with Annie on that last challenge to write the Chicken of the Sea jingle.

Speaking of the last challenge, I can’t say I was totally shocked that Annie and Brande won.  Just the way the whole task was set up, and the way Annie and Brande kept saying in their interviews how nervous they were, and how hard it was going to be going up against Clint Black in a songwriting challenge, I kinda figured they’d be surprised in the boardroom.  Honestly, I liked both jingles, but Clint’s was better.  It’s true though, not everyone would like the country music aspect of the jingle.  I absolutely prefered Joan and Jesse’s radio commercial though.  It was funny and totally stuck in my head.  I think Annie and Brande played it a little too safe with the conversation between two mothers.  It seems to be what the executives liked though, so what can you do?

I was a little disappointed that Jesse had to go.  I rather liked him.  Talk about an enigma though!  He really was hard to figure out, and in the end, that really hurt him.  I have to admire his not wanting to trade on his relationship with Sandra Bullock, but at the same time, didn’t he know what kind of competition he was getting into?  How did he expect to raise any money if he didn’t use whatever connections he could?

Annie and Joan being the final two wasn’t a huge surprise.  It’s going to be an epic battle, and in the end, I think if Annie chooses her team wisely and doesn’t completely panic during the planning and organization of whatever task she is assigned, she’ll probably end up winning.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m on Team Joan (I’m thinking of getting t-shirts made up ;-)), but I think Annie has a definite edge right now.  Joan, with her scope of knowledge and years of experience in the industry and in business, should do well with organization and such, so I think it’s going to come down to fundraising. 

Good luck Joan!  I’m rooting for you, and I know some others who are too!


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