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April 29, 2009

Poker Players

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So last night after setting up this blog, I thought long and hard about which shows I’d start talking about first.  I realized this afternoon when I got home from work that I completely neglected to mention my love of reality tv!  So that’s where I’m going to start . . . Sunday’s broadcast of The Celebrity Apprentice (warning: spoilers ahead!) 

I was a fan of The Apprentice from the beginning.  I can’t say I’m overly crazy about this celebrity version (bring back the real 16 week job interview!), but at least all the money is going to charity, right?  Anyway, I’ve been following this current edition of Celebrity Apprentice, and have been quite impressed with a few of the “celebrities.”  Jesse James continues to impress me with his knowledge and skill in the field of graphic design.  He totally seems like a down-to-earth guy that I’d love to know.  I was really sad to see Dennis Rodman so out of control.  Not that I was a fan of his before this show, but it’s always sad to see someone lose control the way he seems to have.  I’ve been really bummed to see that Clint Black is a bit of a jerk.  I always thought he seemed like an easygoing kind of cowboy. 

I think the people who have most impressed me though have been Joan and Melissa Rivers.  I didn’t know much about them before this show, but didn’t really think too highly of them, if I’m being honest.  I really thought Joan Rivers could take it all though – she’s saavy, bold, and has a lot more knowledge and experience than most of the others combined.  Melissa, while sometimes too caught up in her mother’s shadow, seemed to be a hard worker and someone who was quite knowledgeable in her own right.  After seeing Sunday’s meltdown, however . . . 

First of all, I don’t necessarily agree that Brande and Annie were conspiring against Melissa the whole episode.  Yes, they were pretty chummy and probably did exclude Melissa a bit, but this is a fund-raising competition, not a popularity contest!  Melissa needed to stop complaining and just get to work.  Only being down to 3 team members pretty much meant that all were fair game in the boardroom should they lose.  Sure enough, their team lost and Melissa was targeted.  I think Annie, the master manipulator, once again set things up so that she could take credit or shrug off blame depending on which team won.  She’s pretty darn good at that, and for that reason, I think she’s got a good chance of winning at this point.  I don’t care for her myself, but can’t deny that she’s been good at raising money.  I thought more attention should have been paid to Annie in the boardroom, and Brande is going to regret not going after her when she had the chance. 

Sure enough, Melissa is the one fired.  Instead of acting her age and accepting it gracefully, she flips out in the lobby, yelling and cursing and refusing to do her exit interview.  Seriously lady, you’re old enough to have taken control of your temper by this point and handle defeat gracefully.  The firing should NOT have come as a surprise.  Should you have been the one to go?  Maybe not.  Have you raised more money than Brande or Annie?  Definitely not.  Should your mother have immediately gotten upset, started cursing and yelling and stormed out with you?  No way!  Joan, baby, is that the example you set for your daughter all her life?  No wonder she grew up whining and paranoid over how she was perceived by others! 

I am glad that Brande and Annie realized they weren’t in for a warm reception when they joined the other contestants afterwards.  Brande should have been more prepared to defend herself to Joan though.  Why didn’t she realize that Joan would have been pissed at her?  It’s not like Brande stood up for Melissa in the boardroom!  She told Donald that they team would be stronger without Melissa!  I think Joan was just dead wrong to say that the game wasn’t about raising money for charity.  Why else were they all there?  Aren’t they doing these business tasks each week to win money for their charity?  But I guess at that point Joan was so insulted on her daughter’s behalf that she just couldn’t see straight and lashed out at the Playboy bunny and poker player for reasons that had little to do with the actual purpose of the game.  I was left shocked and slightly saddened at the thought that Joan might not return.  I’m holding out hope that she ends up changing her mind and returning for the next task because after all, she wasn’t the one to hear Donald utter those immortal “you’re fired!” words!


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